Our Master Plan was commissioned to PGAV Destinations from St. Louis, Missouri. This exciting plan will ensure that the zoo can become the premier recreation and education destination in the Green Country area.

This plan will be rolled out in three phases over 20 years and will cost over $150 million with the renovation and addition of approximately 20 exhibits. Please look below for more information on the five key exhibit areas included in our Master Plan.


African Plains

Mary K. Chapman Rhino Exhibit – Now Open!

The current Africa section of the zoo will be transformed with the new rhino, lion, antelope, birds and African painted dog exhibits.  A new savannah area will bring even more species into this area and our giraffe exhibit will be expanded and will include indoor viewing for the winter months.  Our existing Maasai Village will be renovated to include new small animal exhibits as well as a new dining area.  Our first phase of this project will be the new Mary K. Chapman Rhino exhibit that opened in 2015.


Lost Kingdom Complex

  • Helmerich Tiger Exhibit
  • Hardesty Snow Leopard Habitat
  • Lobeck Taylor Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary
  • The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Outdoor Siamang Habitat
  • Bank of Oklahoma Entry Portal
  • H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Komodo Dragon Outside Exhibit
  • George Kaiser Family Foundation Special Events and Dining Pavilion
  • Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation Siamang Dayroom

This new area within the zoo will be themed for guests to explore the mysterious lost world of Asia where structures and relics seem to be lost to the wilderness.  Tigers, snow leopards, red pandas, Komodo dragons and more will all be featured. The Lost Kingdom Tiger complex is scheduled to open in 2017.


African Forest

The current Chimpanzee Connection, which houses the zoo’s chimpanzees, will be transformed into the African Forest with an expanded chimpanzee exhibit and the addition of gorillas. This area will be a deep, misty jungle with climbing structures that both our zoo guests and the animals will enjoy, with unique up-close encounters of both species.


Sheepy Hollow

A re-designed children’s zoo will be a fantastical wonderland for people of all ages.  This area will feature explorative play with giant flowers and mushrooms for climbing, animals from all parts of the world, and an area where guests have the opportunity to interact with domestic animals.


Wild Islands

Starting with the opening of Helmerich Sea Lion Cove in March 2012, this portion of the zoo will be transformed into a fun and wet play place that will include a new water guest experience currently not available at the Tulsa Zoo.  New exhibits for our Aldabra tortoises, flamingos, and lemurs will be included as well as the renovation of our restaurant and playground.

Current Projects

Lost Kingdom: Elephants

Renovations to the current Elephant museum are now complete. The updated building is complete with elephant fact quizes, a climbable full-scale elephant, and much more.


Lost Kingdom: Helmerich Tiger exhibit

The Tulsa Zoo has raised money for the Lost Kingdom: Tiger exhibit at the past two WALTZ on the Wild Side events.