Building a Bigger, Better Zoo 

Vision 2025

Thank you for supporting your Tulsa Zoo, which was included in the Vision 2025 extension proposal. Your support will allow the zoo to:

  • streamline guest entry into the zoo to accommodate our projected growth, from the current 637,000 annual visitors to one million by 2025.
  • expand our elephant exhibit to meet evolving standards of care and herd management.

In return, Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., will be responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance through earned revenue and our operating budget. And we’ll build on our proven fund-raising success. For our new Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve, as an example, the zoo raised three dollars for every public dollar.

You can learn about the Vision 2025 extension proposal by visiting

We appreciate the community’s support as the Tulsa Zoo becomes the world-class destination and educational facility that our citizens deserve.

Improve Our Tulsa

Thank you for supporting your Tulsa Zoo, which was included in the 2013 capital improvements package to fund much-needed repairs to the City of Tulsa’s infrastructure.

Your vote yes provides vital funding for exhibits that help the zoo thrive and continue contributing to our community.

You can learn about the full city funding package by visiting

The zoo receives $11.75 million to help replace what we call the big cat grottos, home to our tigers, lions and snow leopards. These exhibits can no longer be repaired or upgraded and are marked for demolition. We will use $3.75 million toward building new tiger and snow leopard exhibits, and $8 million for a new carnivore exhibit, featuring lions.

The zoo secures private dollars with that public investment. The zoo has a long history of matching public dollars we receive with private dollars. More and more private donors require public funding to be in place before committing private dollars. Public funding gives our private donors confidence that the community wants the zoo to remain and to thrive. We’ve developed a long-range plan to make this happen.